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With the development of computers, more and more people are working with computers. But, we know that computers are harmful as well as useful and helpful .Here, you are asked to write an essay on the topic The Advantages and Disadvantages of Computers. You can give some examples and facts to support your opinion. Your essay should be written in kuliang.netEnglish with no lethan 300 words within 60 minutes.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Computers

Nowadays, the idea of progreloorns so large in the modern world, and the progreof a particular kind is actually taking place around us. In this circumstances, computers which have a great help come out with the wisdom and hard-working of human beings. It do have given human a tremendous help, it, however, has brought to us its harmneat the some time.

The computers can make a great help for us in this high speed society. In the light of this statement, it is computers that can store documents for us which is essential for us, it is computers that can shorten the time in seeking useful information instead of looking for knowledge from a large sums of books and it is computers that can make it possible to comunicate with different people who are far away from you. In a word, we cant live nomally without computers in such a high-tech society.

On the contary, having helped us a lot, computers are harmful to people at the same time, especially the adolescents. First of all, sitting in front of the computer may do harm to our eyes. On the other hand, computers not only bring us useful information but also entertainments. Being weak in controlling themselves, those poor adolescents are more easier to get crazy about the fantasy world. Seeing a vivid picture which is about a son who gets stuck in computers and phones to his parents downstairs to bring dinner for him. I realized deeply that the computers really have their disadvantages.

According to the statements above, it can not be superficial to simply say that computers


Most parents and teachers think it is a bad thing to play computer games.They think it is a waste of time and money.Playing too many computer games is also bad for childrens eyes and health.

However,computer games can also bring some benefits.They can help people in many ways if people spend proper time on it.

Some computer games can improve peoples ability of thinking.They can make people think in different ways.Playing computer games can also help people be familiar with the keyboard.If people are familiar with the keyboard,they can type fast. More and more people begin to disign educational CD-ROM.They want go any people to gain som家长们在为孩子报儿童英语机构的时候jiangnansuye.com都会通过一些儿童英语培训机构的简介,来了解到一些基本的信息,从中来参考一下。e knowledge while they are playing computer games.


Computer is increasingly popular in peoples daily life. The number of computer in every family is more than TV set. Some people think it is so great that they all regard it as a gift from the heaven. However, some people consider it brings more disadvantages than advantages. In my opinion, both opinions are correct, but if we can use computer in a proper way, its advantages are superior to disadvantages. I have several reasons.

On the one hand, computer makes human beings life become easier. People can do many things that they cant do before. They can read newspaper without buying it, only sitting in front of their computer, clicking mouse to open website. Shopping online, watching movies, listening music and play computer games are the common things that people often do by computer. But without computer, they cant do all these easily. In addition, computer is also very helpful for study and work. People can have classes and work on it.

To sum, computer has advantages and disadvantages. But if people can control themselves to use computer properly, it is useful for their whole life.


Now many of my classmates like to surf the Internet in their free time.I think Internet can bring us both advantages and disadvantages.

For example,if I have some trouble studying, I can surf the internet to find more helpful information. And I can make more friends on it. Some of my classmates say they feel happy when they talk with more friends with many similar hobbies.

However, Internet can make some problems at the same time. If you spend too much time on it ,you will becaome lazy and cant put your heart on study. It will be even worse if you feel you cant live without Internet.

So we must be careful when we use the Internet.

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